Why to study with us

Because a degree in Environmental Sciences is a step towards a modern professional career 

Specializing in the ‘green economy’ sector offers sound employment prospects. According to a recent Greenpeace report, it is estimated that by year 2020 there will be the need for 100,000 new, full-time working positions related to environmental protection and green development.

Because you will receive an excellent training

During your undergraduate years you will study 48 courses, covering the whole spectrum of Environmental Sciences, ranging from Environmental Engineering and Ecosystems Management to Environmental Economics and Environmental Policy & Politics. Furthermore, you can undertake courses in a number of European Universities -in the UK, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and more- as part of our Department’s Erasmus+ student exchange programme.

Because the research in our Department is of cutting-edge

According to Thomson Reuters’ most recent research (for the years 1999-2009) on the impact of scientific research by country and discipline, the University of the Aegean got an average score of 12.74 on ‘Environmental Sciences’ -with the other Greek Universities’ score at 7.58 and the global average at 10.7

Because our Department has constantly secured high funding through research programs and scholarships.

For the perido between 1997 and 2011, our Department has secured around 28 million euros through EU and Greek research calls. Our students have secured scholarships from the Hellenic State Scholarships Foundation (IKY), the local government, the Papadimitriou Foundation, the Athens’ International Airport, and various private companies such as Interamerican, CHALKOR and ELVAL.

Because we link theoretical training to hands-on practice. 

There are eight Research Labs in our Department, and during your studies you will have to follow at least 8 laboratory courses. Between 1997 and 2011, 1,097 of our students participated in paid, summer-work programmes on public services, research institutes, companies and ministries throughout Greece.

Because postgraduate studies are an integral part of our Department’s operation. 

The Department of Environment offers two M.Sc. courses in Greek (M.Sc. Environmental Policy & Biodiversity Management and M.Sc. in Ecological Engineering and Climate Change) and on M.Sc. by Research in Environmental Sciences (in English). It also participates in the international Master in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM). Our graduates include 767 M.Sc. and 122 Ph.D. alumni.

Because our graduates have very good employment prospects.

We have 960 undergraduate alumni who are currently occupied in every sector of the economy and many of them excel in Greece and abroad in the academic, private and public sectors (you may meet some of our alumni here). In our latest alumni survey (2005), 69% had a job as an environmental sciences’ practitionner while a further 13% was employed in other occupations.

Because you will study on Lesvos, on of the largest and most beautiful of the Greek islands 

For further clues on ‘Why to Study at the Department of Environment’ check our website as well as the website of the University of the Aegean (www. aegean.gr)