Laboratory for Environmental Policy & Strategic Envir. Management

The laboratory for Envirnmental Policy & Startegic Environmental Management was established in 2002. The research undertaken by the Lab’s personnel  focuses on applied environmental policy & sociology and on the green management of industries and organizations.

Dr. Iosif Botetzagias, Associate Professor

Dr. Konstantinos Evangelinos, Assistant Professor

-Marina Proikaki,  Ph.D. candidate

-Spiros Roumeliotis, Ph.D. candidate

-Dimitra Syrou, Ph.D. candidate

–Dimitris Tsitakis,  Ph.D. candidate

Current Research projects:

  • THALES – Incorporating sustainability into participatory decision making
  • COMPON ‘Comparing Climate Change Networks’
  • Broadbent J., Sonnett J., Botetzagias I. et al. (2016), Conflicting Climate Change Frames in a Global Field of Media Discourse, Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World, doi: 10.1177/2378023116670660
  • Botetzagias Ι., Jones Ν. & Malesios Chr. (2016) ‘Petitioner, Contributor, Protester: The Profile of Europeans Performing Different ‘Public Sphere’ Pro-environmental Behaviours’, in Telesiene A. & Gross M. (eds.), Green European: Environmental Behaviour and Attitudes in Europe in a Historical and Cross-Cultural Comparative Perspective, Routledge:London, pp.133-154
  • Botetzagias I. & Vasilopoulos P. (2015), Climbing to the rooftop, falling off yet landing on one’s feet (and finding a wallet on the pavement?): the electoral fate of the Greek Ecogreens (2004-2015)South European Society & Politics, 20 (4): 573-590
  • Botetzagias I. & Koutiva Eir. (2015), ‘When best is not enough: Greek environmental NGOs and their donors amidst the economic crisis’, in Clarke J., Huliaras Ast. & Sotiropoulos D. (eds), Austerity and the Third Sector in Greece: Civil Society at the European Frontline, Ashagate: London, pp.125-145
  • Gkiouzepas Y. & Botetzagias I. (2015), Climate change coverage in Greek newspapers (2001-2008). Environmental Communication, DOI:10.1080/17524032.2015.1047888
  • Moysiadis Y., Malesios Chr. & Botetzagias I. (2015), The impact of distance on a NIMBY” perception towards windfarms” development. Aegean Journal of Environmental Sciences, 1:40-61.
  • Botetzagias I., Dima A.-F., Malesios Chr. (2015). Extending the Theory of Planned Behavior in the context of recycling: The role of moral norms and of demographic predictors. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 95:58-67.
  • Botetzagias I., Malesios Chr., Kolokotroni An. and Moysiadis Y. (2015). The role of NIMBY in opposing wind farms’ siting: evidence from Greece. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 58 (2):229-251