In the Department of Environment are attending 700 undergraduate and 500 graduate students, and all students at the University of Lesvos unit exceeds 4000 (undergraduate and postgraduate).

Life in the city of Mytilene combines the advantages of small scale in a place with a long history and tradition. Cultural events, sports activities, musical events and performances at the city and the University, along with the vibrant nightlife in the bars of the harbor and enjoying traditional snacks and ouzo at the taverns compose the range of student entertainment.

Furthermore, the island of Lesvos is distinguished for its rich historical and cultural tradition, which is depicted in a number of archaeological and historical monuments and works of art. The vast expanses of olive groves, forests of pine, chestnut, oak trees, the gulfs of Gera and Kalloni and the impressive petrified forest of western Lesvos compose a diverse and highly attractive natural landscape.

Mytilene, is connected by ship to Athens, Kavala, Cyclades and the other islands of B. Sea and by air with Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, the islands of B. Aegean and Rhodes.