M.Sc. in Ecological Engineering & Climate Change

The M.Sc. program in “Ecological Engineering & Climate Change’ started in 2003, and it is taught in Greek. It covers 3 academic semesters and it aims to provide students with a sound knowledge of the environmental technologies’ implementation in world rapidly changing under climate change. Conferment of  the M.Sc. degree follows the successful completion of a number of taught courses over the first 2 academic semesters (totaling 60 ECTS units) and the submission of a research-oriented M.Sc. thesis (at the third academic semester).

Here follows the M.Sc.’s curriculum:

Dias Haralambopoulos Energy Policy & Management- Decision making
Petros Gaganis Environmental Hydraulics
Panayiotis Dimitrakopoulos Applied Ecology
Triantaphyllos Akriotis Applied Ecology
Ioannis Matsinos Applied Ecology
Andreas Troumbis Applied Ecology
Athanasios Stasinakis Design of Waste Treatment Systems
Demetris F Lekkas Solid Waste Management
Christodoulos Pilinis Atmospheric Pollution & Climate Change ΙΙ 
Christos Matsoukas Atmospheric Pollution & Climate Change I
Konstantinos Evangelinos Environmental Quality Assurance Methods
Michael O. Angelidis Environmental Chemistry & Toxicology
Themistoklis Kontos Applied Geoinformatics
Olga-Ioanna Kalantzi Environmental Chemistry & Toxicology
Michael Fountoulakis Ecological Engineering
All tutors M.Sc. thesis