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In January 2010, the Department of Environment launched its informational e-newsletter, titled “P&F” -pronounced ‘P and Phi’, from the initials of the Greek words for ‘Environment’ (Perivallon-Περιβάλλον) & ‘Nature’ (Phissi-Φύση). P&F is published online twice a year (on January and June) and is freely available to anyone who is interested to find out what has been going on in the Department. Starting in January 2016, P&F will also be available in English.

Editorial Board:

Associate Professor
Social and Humanistic Environmental Sciences Sector

Office: 303
tel: +30 2251036294
E-mail: iosif@aegean.gr

Assistant Professor
Environmental Engineering and Science Section

Office: 206
tel: (+30) 2251036204
E-mail: kalantzi@aegean.gr

Assistant Professor
Ecosystem Management Section

Office: 312
tel: (+30) 2251036247
E-mail: ktheo@aegean.gr

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