The Department

Why to study with us

Because Environmental Sciences’ studies in Greece start with an “A”- Aegean!

The Department of Environment, University of the Aegean, is the first Environmental Sciences’ University Department established in Greece. Over the past 35 years of its existence, it had followed a ground-breaking and pioneering path. By internationalizing the curriculum, by promoting academic excellence and by introducing innovative ideas, new activities and novel courses, we have set the beat of environmental sciences in Greece

  1. According to the Times Higher Education World Universities Ranking (2023) the University of the Aegean ranks 801-1000 amongst 2,300+ leading Universities in the world in the field of ‘Geology, Environmental, Earth and Marine Sciences’.
  2. We participate in one of the finest European M.Sc. courses in Environmental Sciences, MESPOM, an Erasmus+ consortium of four EU Universities, in co-operation with 17 institutes and agencies in 14 countries and 4 continents.
  3. We offer a distinctive and cutting-edge undergraduate curriculum which:
  • Emphasizes the interdisciplinary of the study of the Environment, by combining courses on environmental science and engineering, ecology and social environmental sciences
  • Encourages students to acquire professional experience through summer internships in a variety of industries, private and public agencies and NGOs.
  • Prompts students to enrich their learning experience by studying abroad through the Erasmus+ programme, in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK and other EU countries

Because Lesvos is an ideal place to live and study- in a stimulating and safe environment

Lesvos is one of the largest and most beautiful islands of Greece. It is a living natural laboratory, where natural and human environment, history and culture mix together in spectacular and diverse ways, while the whole island is a UNESCO Geopark.

Living in a medium size town such as Mytilene is different to the big Greek urban centers: it is more comfortable, more safe, less costly and altogether more authentic. This is a place to study, to learn, to experience, to love, to feel, to seek, to try, to achieve- a place which will stay in your heart and mind long after your graduation.

For further clues on ‘Why to Study at the Department of Environment’ check our website as well as the website of the University of the Aegean (www.