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NEW PUBLICATION – – Radicchi…Tsaligopoulos et al – Sound & the healthy city

 Radicchi Α., … Tsaligopoulos Α. et al. (2021) Sound and the healthy city, Cities & Health, 5:1-2, 1-13. ABSTRACT At an international level it is recognised that urban noise has serious and negative public health impacts. This leading editorial and the special issue it accompanies seeks to broaden this agenda. An important goal for Cities & Health is to give […]

NEW PUBLICATION- Tsaligopoulos…Matsinos- Ecological connectivity of urban quiet areas

Tsaligopoulos A., Karapostoli Aim., Radicchi A., Economou C., Kyvelou S. & Matsinos G. (2021) Ecological connectivity of urban quiet areas: the case of Mytilene, Greece, Cities & Health, 5:1-2, 20-32.  ABSTRACT The degree of functional and structural connectivity of landscapes is a critical issue that could be associated with numerous ecological processes at various scales, in rural and urban environments. […]

NEW PUBLICATION – Botetzagias & Kostopoulos – Forest Management and Protection in Greece, 1830–1880

Botetzagias I. & Kostopoulos G. (2021) “For the Thorough Conservation of the Forests”: A History of Forest Management and Protection in “Old Greece,” 1830–1880. Journal of Modern Greek Studies, 39(1): 93-116 ABSTRACT We offer an overview of forest management in the Kingdom of Greece (the so-called Old Greece) over the period 1830–1880. We examine in […]

NEW PUBLICATION – – Kyvelou, Bobolos & Tsaligopoulos – “Smart city” and Bio-Cultural Sonic Diversity

Kyvelou S., Bobolos Nicos & Tsaligopoulos A. (2021) Exploring the Effects of “Smart City” in the Inner-City Fabric of the Mediterranean Metropolis: Towards a Bio-Cultural Sonic Diversity?. Heritage 4(2): 690-709. ABSTRACT “Smart city”, driven by digital technology is not only a technological but also a social, cultural and political project. A socially and culturally significant […]

NEW PUBLICATION – Dimitrakopoulos et al – Odontarrhena lesbiaca as Nickel Hyperaccumulators

Dimitrakopoulos PG, Aloupi M, Tetradis G & Adamidis GC (2021). Broomrape Species Parasitizing Odontarrhena lesbiaca (Brassicaceae) Individuals Act as Nickel Hyperaccumulators. Plants. 10(4):816. ABSTRACT The elemental defense hypothesis supports that metal hyperaccumulation in plant tissues serves as a mechanism underpinning plant resistance to herbivores and pathogens. In this study, we investigate the interaction between Odontarrhena […]

NEW PUBLICATION – Dimitrakopoulos & Jones- Protected areas in forest conservation

Dimitrakopoulos P.G. & Jones N. (2021). Protected Areas in Forest Conservation: Challenges and Opportunities. Forests 12, no. 4: 488.

NEW PUBLICATION- Botetzagias & Malesios – COVID single-use facemasks and environmental concern

Botetzagias I. & Malesios C. (2021) Do single-use facemask users care for the effects on the (marine) environment during the COVID-19 pandemic? Preliminary results from Greece. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 167:112320 ABSTRACT This paper examines which demographic and attitudinal characteristics relate to an individual’s knowledge and perception of the environmental footprint of single-use mask s/he is […]

NEW PUBLICATION – Jones… Dimitrakopoulos et al – COVID-19 & protected areas

Jones N., McGinlay J., Jones A., Malesios C., Holtvoeth J., Dimitrakopoulos P.G., Gkoumas V., Kontoleon A. (2021) COVID-19 and protected areas: impacts, conflicts and possible management solutions. Conservation Letters, e12800; ABSTRACT During the first wave of the COVID‐19 pandemic, management authorities of numerous Protected Areas (PAs) had to discourage visitors from accessing them in […]

University of the Aegean ranks 743 out of 3,897 Universities globally

According to the latest (2020) SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR)  the University of the Aegean is overall ranked: 14th among 22 Greek Universities 332nd among 823 EU-28 Universities 743rd among 3.897 Universities across the world Read more here Semper Altius Aspice!