Laboratory for Environmental Policy & Strategic Envir. Management

The laboratory for Environmental Policy & Strategic Environmental Management was established in 2002. The research undertaken by the Lab’s personnel  focuses on applied environmental policy & sociology and on the green management of industries and organizations.

Dr. Iosif Botetzagias, Associate Professor

Dr. Konstantinos Evangelinos, Associate Professor

Dr. Antonis Skouloudis, Assistant Professor

Dr. Maria Hatziantoniou, L.T.S

Marios Balis, L.T.S.

CURRENT Research projects:


PAST research projects:

  • THALES – Incorporating sustainability into participatory decision making
  • COMPON ‘Comparing Climate Change Networks’

Ph.D./Post-doc researchers

Dr. Zoi Christina Siamanta is a post-doctoral reseacher.



  • Ph.D. in Human Geography, Birkbeck University of London, UK, 2016.
  • Sc. in Sustainability and Management, Royal Holloway University of London, UK, 2010.
  • Sc. in Environmental Science, University of the Aegean, 2009.

Research Interests:  Political ecology, Renewable energy resources, Neoliberal natures/conservation, Environmental politics and policy, Green grabbing, Eco-Marxism, Social movements, Foucauldian scholarship


Siamanta, Z.C. (2019) Wind parks in post-crisis Greece: Neoliberalisation vis-à-vis green grabbing. Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space.

Siamanta, Z.C. (2017) Building a green economy of low carbon: the Greek post-crisis experience of photovoltaics and financial ‘green grabbing’. Special Section ‘Political ecologies of the green economy’. Journal of Political Ecology, 24: 258-276.

PhD thesis’ title: Environmental Security and the European Union


Master of Science (MSc) in Physics, Naval Postgraduate School, California, USA.

Master of Arts (MA) in Security Studies, Naval Postgraduate School, California, USA.

B.Sc. in Naval Science, Hellenic Naval Academy, Greece


-Kantemnidis, Dimitrios. “Chaos Theory and International Relations.” Journal of Mediterranean and Balkan Intelligence, Intelligence and Technology, 6, no. 2 (December 2015): 19–28.

Giorgos A. Kostopoulos is a Ph.D. candidate


Ph.D. thesis title: Forest protection and management from the establishment of Greek State (1828) to the establishment of the first national park (1938)


+ ¨M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences¨, University of Aegean, Greece

+ ¨M.Sc in European Policies, Planning and Spatial Development, Harokopion University, Greece

+ ¨B.Sc. in European Culture¨, Hellenic Open University, Greece


Research interests: Environmental History


Giorgos A. Kostopoulos (2019) «The war against the goats in interwar Greece»,

Dimitra Syrou is a Ph.D. candidate


Ph.D. thesis title: “Environmental Governance through Collaborative Management Institutions: An analysis of  Non-Governmental Organizations in Greek Protected Area Management Bodies”


  • Master of Science (MSc) in “Environmental Management and Policy”, University of the Aegean, Mytilene
  • B.Sc. in “Political Science and Public administration”, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


Syrou D. (2012) “Collaborative Management of Protected Areas in Greek Reality: implementation, obstacles, perspectives” 5th Conference in Environmental Science, Policy and Management, 25-27 May, Mytilene