Scientific Publications

In this page you may find the most recent research publications (co-) authored by the Department of Environment’s staff (January-June 2023). For the development of our research publications and citations over time, see here.

Arvaniti O.S., Gkotsis G., M.C. Nika, Gyparakis S., Manios T., Thomaidis N.S., Fountoulakis M.S., Stasinakis A.S. (2023) Study on the occurrence of artificial sweeteners, parabens, and other emerging contaminants in hospital wastewater using LC-QToF-MS target screening approach. Water 15, 936.

Christopoulos A., Kotselis C., Stefanopoulos P., Zevgolis Y.G. (2023). New distribution records for the Aesculapian snake Zamenis longissimus in Greek Thrace, The Herpetological Bulletin, 164: 33-36,

Christopoulos A., Zevgolis Y.G. (2023). Not only an aquatic threat: A Caspian whipsnake Dolichophis caspius (Gmelin, 1789) entangled in discarded fishing net onshore on Lesvos Island, Greece, Ecologia Balkanica, 15(1): 192-198,

Gavrouzou M, Hatzianastassiou N, Korras-Carraca M-B, Stamatis M, Lolis C, Matsoukas C, Michalopoulos N, Vardavas I. Three-Dimensional Distributions of the Direct Effect of anExtended and Intense Dust Aerosol Episode (16–18 June 2016) over the Mediterranean Basin on Regional Shortwave Radiation, Atmospheric Thermal Structure, and Dynamics. Applied Sciences. 2023; 13(12):6878.


Hidalgo-Triana N, ..  Kalantzi OI, ..Damialis A. (2023). Perceptions of change in the environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic: Implications for environmental policy. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 99.

Iliopoulou A., Arvaniti O.S., Deligiannis M., Gatidou G., Vyrides I., Fountoulakis M.S., Stasinakis A.S. (2023) Combined use of strictly anaerobic MBBR and aerobic MBR for municipal wastewater treatment and removal of pharmaceuticals. Journal of Environmental Management 343, 118211.

Jones N., Malesios C., McGinlay J., Villasante S., Svajda J., Begley A., Gkoumas V., Cadoret A., Dimitrakopoulos P.G., Kontoleon A., Maguire-Rajpaul V., Sepp K. (2023). Using perceived impacts, governance and social indicators to explain support for protected areas. Environmental Research Letters 18, 054011.

Kalantzis D., Daskaloudis I., Lacoere T., Stasinakis A.S., Lekkas D.F., De Vrieze J., Fountoulakis M.S. (2023) Granular activated carbon stimulates biogas production in pilot-scale anaerobic digester treating agro-industrial wastewater. Bioresource Technology 376, 128908.

Kaliakatsos A., Gounaki I., Dokianakis S., Maragkaki E., Stasinakis A.S., Gyparakis S., Katsarakis N., Manios T., Fountoulakis M.S., Venieri D. (2023) Treatment of hospital wastewater: emphasis on ecotoxicity and antibiotic resistance genes. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

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Kanelli, A.A., Kokkinaki, M., Sinvare, M.-D., Malesios, C., Dimitrakopoulos, P.G., Kalantzi, O.-I. 2023. Keep Calm and Go Out: Urban Nature Exposure, Mental Health, and Perceived Value during the COVID-19 Lockdown. Sustainability 15, 8831,

Koutsikos N, Koi AM, Zeri C, Tsangaris C, Dimitriou E, Kalantzi OI. (2023). Exploring microplastic pollution in a Mediterranean river: The role of introduced species as bioindicators, Heliyon, 9 (4).

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Papastefanakis N., .., Lekkas D-F., Manios, T., Fountoulakis, M.S. (2023). Application of solar drying as a pre-treatment method for storing wet feedstocks prior to use in anaerobic digesters: Effect on methane production and digestate composition. Fuel, 348, 128477.
Samojedny Jr T.J., Garnica-Díaz C., Grossenbacher D.L., Adamidis G.C.,  Dimitrakopoulos P.G., Siebert S.J., Spasojevic M.J., Hulshof C.M., Rajakaruna N. 2022. Specific leaf area is lower on ultramafic than on neighbouring non-ultramafic soils, Plant Ecology & Diversity, 15 (5-6), 243–252,

Stefanatou A., Schiza S., Petousi I., Rizzo A., Masi F., Stasinakis A.S., Fyllas N., Fountoulakis M.S. (2023) Use of climbing and ornamental plants in vertical flow constructed wetlands treating greywater. Journal of Water Process Engineering 53, 103832.

Zannetos S.P., Zevgolis Y.G., Christopoulos A., Akriotis T. (2022). Assessing habitat suitability of the Persian Squirrel in the island of Lesvos, Greece, Hystrix the Italian Journal of Mammalogy, 

Zevgolis, Y.G., Christopoulos, A., Kalargalis, I.I., Zannetos, S.P., Botetzagias, I., Dimitrakopoulos, P.G. 2023. An (Un)Expected Threat for a Regionally Near-Threatened Species: A Predation Case of a Persian Squirrel on an Insular Ecosystem. Animals, 13, 24.

Zevgolis Y.G., Kouris A., Christopoulos A. (2023). Spatiotemporal patterns and road mortality hotspots of herpetofauna on a Mediterranean island, Diversity, 15(4): 478, 

Zevgolis Y.G., Christopoulos A. (2023). Entrapped in olive harvesting nets: A case of a Grass snake Natrix natrix from an olive-growing Greek Aegean island, Diversity, 15(3): 452,