Michael O. Angelidis

Professor – Environmental Engineering and Science Sector

Office: Xenia A Building – Room 205
Phone number: +3022510 36232
E-mail: magel@aegean.gr

  • Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Patras, Greece, 1985.
  • Diplome des Etudes Approfondies (DEA) in Ecology, Universite Paris 7, 1978.
  • B.A. (Diploma) Chemistry, University of Athens, 1978.
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Biogeochemical Cycles of Pollutants
  • Aquatic Pollution
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Orani, A.M., Vassileva, E., Wysocka, I., Angelidis, M., Rozmaric, M., Louw, D. (2018). Baseline study on trace and rare earth elements in marine sediments collected along the Namibian coastMarine Pollution Bulletin, 131 : Part A, 386–395.
  • Angelidis, M.O. (2015). Waste disposal and ocean pollution, in: Handbook of Ocean Resources and Management (eds. Smith, H. D., Suarez de Vivero, J. L. and Agardy, T. S.), Taylor & Francis/Routledge (in press)
  • Vasileva, E., Azemard, S. and Angelidis, M.O. (2013). Trace reference materials and recommended analytical methods for a global Mercury monitoring in the marine environment. International Environmental Technology online, (May/June 2013): 6-7.
  • Strogyloudi, E., Christides, A., Papathanassiou, E., Angelidis, M.O (2012). Metal concentrations and metallothionein levels in Mytilus galloprovincialis from Elefsis Bay (Saronikos Gulf), Greece. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 184:7189–7205. DOI 10.1007/s10661-011-2490-z.
  • Angelidis, M.O., Radakovitch O., Veron, A., Aloupi, M., Heussner S., Price, B (2011) Anthropogenic metal contamination and sapropel imprints in deep Mediterranean sediments. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 62: 1041-1052.
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