Antonios Skouloudis

Assistant Professor – Social and Humanistic Environmental Sciences Sector

Office: Xenia A’ Building – Room 207

Phone number: (+30) 22510 36277


  • Ph.D. in Corporate Responsibility, Department of Environment, University of the Aegean, Greece (2014).
  • M.Sc. in Environmental Policy & Management, Department of Environment, University of the Aegean, Greece  (2007).
  • B.Sc. in Economic Sciences, Department of Economic Sciences, University of Athens, Greece (2005).
  • Climate change adaptation-resilience and the Economy
  • Economic valuation of climate services
  • Environmental – sustainability accounting and accountability
  • Environmental responsibility and economic activity
  • Sustainable development

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Anagnostopoulos T., Skouloudis A., Khan N. and Evangelinos K. (2018), Incorporating Sustainability Considerations into Lending Decisions and the Management of Bad Loans: Evidence from GreeceSustainability10(12), 4728

Skouloudis A., Malesios C., Dimitrakopoulos P.G. 2019. Corporate biodiversity accounting and accountability in megadiverse countries: An examination of indicators disclosed in sustainability reportsEcological Indicators 98: 888-901.

Halkos, G., & Skouloudis, A. (2018) Corporate social responsibility and innovative capacity: Intersection in a macro-level perspectiveJournal of Cleaner Production, 182, 291-300.

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