Themistoklis Kontos

Applied Environmental Geoinformation

Office: 311 – Xenia A Building

Phone Number: 22510 -36281 


  • Ph.D in Environmental Studies, Department of Environment, University of the Aegean (2007)
  • Bachelor in Environmental Studies, , Department of Environment, University of the Aegean (1998)

Integrated Waste Management Systems, Environmental Modeling, Environmental Impact Assessment, Risk Assessment of Waste, Mathematical Analysis-Optimization for Collection-Transportation Systems, Thematic Cartography, Environmental Cartography, Geographic Information Systems in Environmental Applications with Emphasis in Siting and Risk Assessment of Noxious Facilities, Programming with Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Analysis, Spatial Statistics, Geometric Networks Analysis, Remote Sensing, Spatial Decision Support Systems, Multiple Criteria Analysis, Analytic Hierarchy Process,  Fuzzy Logic, Linear and Non-Linear Programming, Optimization Algorithms

Batsaris M., Kavroudakis D., Soulakellis N. & Kontos Th. (2019) Location-Allocation Modeling for Emergency Evacuation Planning in a Smart City Context: The Case of Earthquake in Mytilini, Lesvos, GreeceInternational Journal of Applied Geospatial Research, 10(4).

Kontos Th. & Katikas L. (2019) Delimiting Future Urban Sprawl Boundaries Using a GIS-based Model for Ecological Sensitivity Index Assessment and Optimization Techniques. The case of Mytilene (Lesvos Island, Greece)European Journal of Sustainable Development Research, 3(1)

Georgiou Α. & Kontos Th. (2018) A GIS Toolkit for Automating Descriptive Statistic Computations for Air Quality Modeling. Geoplanning: Journal of Geomatics and Planning, 5(1) 63-72.

Soulakellis N, Kontos Th. Sifakis N. & Iossifidis C. (2019)The Practice of Spatial Analysis, Part IV: Travel-Related Air Pollution Analysis, Aerosol Optical Thickness Mapper (AOT-mapper): A Geoinformation Software for AOT Mapping at Urban Scale Using Landsat TM or ETM+ Satellite Images. pp 343-358, Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-89805-6.

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