Student Life

There are around 700 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate students currently studying at the Department of Environment, while the student population on Lesvos island exceeds 4,000. 

Living on Mytilene, Lesvos’ capital town, offers one the pleasures of living at a relaxed place which has a long history and an important tradition. Students can enjoy a plethora of cultural, music and sports events as well as a vibrant nightlife at the many bars along Mytilene’s sea front and a taste of Lesvos’ excellent local cuisine and world-famous ouzo at the local tavernas

Lesvos has an impressive historical, cultural and natural legacy. The many archeological sites, the museums, the ever-going groves of olive trees and the large forests of  pine, oak and chestnut trees, the lagoons of Gera and Kalloni, and the famous Petrified forest in western Lesvos -all testify to this fact. 

Mytilene is connected by boat to Athens, Kavala (in northern Greece), the Cyclades and the Northern Aegean islands. It is also connected by plane to Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Rhodes and the other Northern Aegean islands.