Summer Practical Training

The Department of Environment of the University of the Aegean runs a Summer Practical Training (SPT) program for its students in collaboration with various institutions (private businesses, local government offices, institutes, research centres, environmental organisations etc.). The SPT is an optional ninth course offered every summer semester in the undergraduate program of the Department. Professor C. Matsoukas is currently in charge of the program.

Depending on their placements, the students participate in activities such as recording the processes of production and decision-making, participating in analyses, measurements, recordings, data collection and analysis and in all actions involved in the collaboration of the University with the SPT program institution. At the end of the practicum, the students submit a report which includes:

  • The type of activities of the institution
  • The subject of the SPT and its general importance
  • The methodology used
  • The results
  • The conclusions
  • The bibliography used

The objective of the program is that all students of the Department of Environment participate in the SPT at least once during their studies. The participation of students in this program allows them to better comprehend the real working conditions of environmental organisations and to experience the professional aspect of environmental science. This professional contact gives the students self-confidence and teaches them to apply the scientific knowledge acquired in the University so that they can give realistic solutions to various environmental problems. The program also improves communication between the University and local enterprises and encourages collaboration on an educational and research level. Finally, the enterprises become familiar with the type and level of knowledge that is provided in the Department of Environment, so that they can offer employment to the graduates of the Department.

Each student is supervised by a faculty member and a professional from the practicum placement. The two supervisors cooperate in setting up the work project and provide the student with all the necessary information (bibliography etc.).

The professional from the practicum placement supervises the student during the SP and provides a performance evaluation. This evaluation concerns mainly the type and duration of employment of the student and is sent to the supervising faculty member. The faculty member assigns the final grade based on both the assessment of the placement supervisor and the student’s report.

SPT students receive a monthly stipend. Travel expenses to and from Mytilene (location of the Department) as well as accident insurance are covered.