M.Sc. in Ecological Engineering & Climate Change

The M.Sc. program in “Ecological Engineering-Energy & Climate Change’ started in 2003, and it is taught in Greek. It covers 3 academic semesters and it aims to provide students with a sound knowledge of the environmental technologies’ implementation in world rapidly changing under climate change. Conferment of  the M.Sc. degree follows the successful completion of a number of taught courses over the first 2 academic semesters (totaling 60 ECTS units) and the submission of a research-oriented M.Sc. thesis (at the third academic semester).

Here follows the M.Sc.’s curriculum:

Dias Haralambopoulos Energy Management and Decision making, Renewable Energy Resources-Potential Technologies of Low Carbon, Applications
Petros Gaganis Environmental Hydraulics
Panayiotis Dimitrakopoulos Applied Ecology
Triantaphyllos Akriotis Applied Ecology
Ioannis Matsinos Applied Ecology
Andreas Troumbis Applied Ecology
Athanasios Stasinakis Wastewater Treatment and Valorization: Principles and Design 
Demetris F Lekkas Solid Waste Management
Christodoulos Pilinis Air Pollution with Elements of Control Technologies 
Christos Matsoukas Climate Change
Konstantinos Evangelinos Environmental Quality Assurance Methods
Michael O. Angelidis Aquatic Pollution: Monitoring and Assessment
Themistoklis Kontos Applied Geoinformatics
Olga-Ioanna Kalantzi Climate Change and Human Health
Michael Fountoulakis Ecological Engineering A & B
Antonios Skouloudis Environmental Economics
All tutors M.Sc. thesis