Research Design & Methods in Social Sciences

(Course Code: ENV581 – METHODS)

Semester: Spring Teaching Period: 2 weeks ECTS Credits: 2 Type:


Prerequisite Courses: “Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods (I and II)” @ CEU Coordinator: Iosif BOTETZAGIAS Instructor: Iosif BOTETZAGIAS


The course aims to offer students practical experience in designing and conducting real-life social sciences’ research with an emphasis on environmental topics. The course covers both quantitative and qualitative research designs. Topics covered include: (i) deductive theoretical model construction (ii) questionnaire design and administration (iii) quantitative data analysis (using SPSS) (iv) grounded theory (v) conducting interviews (vi) discourse analysis (using Q-methodology).

After successfully completing this course, the students will be able to:

  • understand the basic framework for deductive scientific inquiry
  • understand the basic framework for deductive scientific inquiry
  • familiarize with creating and administering questionnaires
  • practice in coding & analyzing quantitative data for hypotheses testing
  • familiarize with planning and conducting interviews
  • practice in discourse analysis techniques

Students will be individually graded based on:

  • Individual Assignment 1 (40%)
  • Peer review on Assignment 1 (10%)
  • Individual Assignment 2 (50%)
Activities Estimated Workload


Self-study and independent work (reading, assignments, projects)




TOTAL 50 hours
Notes provided: Yes
Basic Textbook:
  • de Vaus D.A. (1996) Surveys in Social Research, UCL Press
  • McKeown & Thomas (1988) Q methodology, Sage
  • de Vaus D.A. (2002) Analyzing Social Sciences Data, Sage
  • Field A. (2000) Discovering Statistics using SPSS for Windows
  • Lewis-Beck et al (eds.) (2003) The Sage encyclopedia of social science research methods, Sage
Internet Links:

van Exel and de Graaf (2005) Q Methodology: a Sneak Preview,