Animal Biology

(Course Code: 102Υ, Course outline)

Semester:  2 Teaching Credits:  4 ECTS Credits: 6 Type:


Prerequisite Courses:  – Course type : General background Instructor: Akriotis Triantaphyllos

The familiarisation of the (from an environmentalist’s point of view) main animal groups and of the properties of animal organisms. The understanding of the structure, function and identity of animal organisms and of their primary interactions with the environment. Basic knowledge of elements of the anatomy, physiology, general adaptations and ecological role of these organisms.

Topics per Week:

1. Natural Selection & Evolution, Taxonomy & Nomenclature of living organisms

2. ProtozoaPorifera & Cnidaria

3. Platyhelminthes, Rotifera, Nematoda

4. Annelida

5. Arthropods (intro), Trilobites

6. Chelicerata

7. Crustacea

8. Uniramia, Insects (intro)

9. Insects

10. Mollusca

11. Echinodermata, Chordata (intro)

12. Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves (birds)

13. Mammals, principles of animal behaviour

Laboratory exercises:

1. Field trip & practical: plankton and freshwater birds

2. Practical: demonstration – animal life (preserved specimens, models)

Theory – Lectures
(hours / week)
Exercises – Laboratories
(hours / week)
10 hours in 2 sessions
Other Activities:  –
Grading:  Final examination
Notes: Lecture notes, powerpoint presentations
Basic Textbook:
  • Hickman, Roberts & Larson (2003) Zoology: Integrated Principles. Univ. of Crete Press.
  • Ondrias, I.C.  General Zoology. Patras [in greek]

  • Brusca, R.C. & G.J. Brusca.  1990.  Invertebrates.  Sinauer Associates.

  • Hickman, C.P., L.S. Roberts & A. Larson.  2002. Integrated principles in zoology.  McGraw Hill, Boston  [Greek translation].

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  • Additional references for specific topics.

  • N.B. The above list corresponds to titles available in the University of the Aegean Library.


The course is taught in Greek. For exchange students, English literature is proposed and examinations are given in English.

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