Environmental Impact Assessment

(Course Code: 223KEY, Course outline)

Semester: 8 Teaching Credits: 3 ECTS Credits: 5 Type:

Optional Compulsory

Prerequisite Courses: Course type: Special background Instructor: Evangelinos Konstantinos
  • Recognise the interdisciplinary nature of the specific field
  • Appreciate the importance of Environmental Impact Assessment for Environmental Policy and Management
  • Realise the aims and objectives of Environmental Production and Consumption.
Topics per Week: Environmental impact in time and space, methods for the evaluation of the environmental impact of an activity, the use of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in Greece – Environmental Impact Studies (EIS), the Greek legislation for EIS, step-by-step analysis of an EIS preparation, Monitoring, critical evaluation of the EIA system in Greece, EIA case studies.
Theory – Lectures
(hours / week)
Exercises – Laboratories
(hours / week)
Other Activities:
Grading: Preparation of EIS by group of students at the end of the Semester
Basic Textbook:
  • Βαγιωνά Δήμητρα (2018), Μελέτες Περιβαλλοντικών Επιπτώσεων, ΕΚΔΟΣΕΙΣ ΔΙΣΙΓΜΑ
  • Κούγκολος Αθανάσιος, Σαμολαδά Μαρία (2017), Νομοθεσία για την Προστασία του Περιβάλλοντος, ΕΚΔΟΣΕΙΣ ΤΖΙΟΛΑΣ


The course is taught in Greek. For exchange students, English literature is proposed and examinations are given in English.

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