Introduction to Environmental Engineering

(Course Code: 203Υ, Course outline)

Semester: 3 Teaching Credits:  3 ECTS Credits: 6 Type:


Prerequisite Courses:  – Course type: General background Instructor:

Athanasios Stasinakis – Schaelicke Dirk

Use of mass and energy balances for facing environmental problems, use of simple equations for estimation of population growth, introduction to processes/methods commonly used for water/wastewater/solid waste management.

Topics per Week:
  1. Introduction – Mass balances
  2. Mass balances
  3. Energy balances (1st thermodynamic law)
  4. Energy balances (2nd thermodynamic law)
  5. Population growth (Exponential growth, Sigmoid growth curve)
  6. Natural resources use (Gauss curve)
  7. Water quality (pollutants, Streeter-Phelps equation)
  8. Water treatment (coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection)
  9. Wastewater treatment (primary and secondary treatment)
  10. Sludge treatment, sludge and wastewater reuse
  11. Solid waste management (quantity, composition of municipal solid waste)
  12. Solid waste management (collection, recycling)
  13. Solid waste management (composting, incineration, landfilling)
Theory – Lectures
(hours / week)

2 per week

Exercises – Laboratories
(hours / week)

1 per week

Other Activities:  –
  1. 5 sets of team assays (20%)
  2. Compulsory mid-semester examination (40%)
  3. Compulsory final examination (40%)

Yes, 120 pages

Basic Textbook:
  • Πηλίνης Χ., Στασινάκης Α. (2018) Εισαγωγή στην Περιβαλλοντική Μηχανική και Επιστήμη (3η έκδοση), εκδόσεις Κλειδάριθμος
  • Koungkolos A, (2005), «Introduction to Environmental Engineering», ISBN 9604180770. (in Greek)
Bibliography: Masters G.M., (1996), «Introduction to environmental engineering and science», 2nd ed., Prentice Hall, New Jersey, USA.

Kiely G., (1996), «Environmental Engineering», Irwin/McGraw-Hill, UK.

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Crites R. and Tchobanoglous G., (1998), «Small and decentralized wastewater management systems», WCB Mc Graw-Hill, USA



The course is taught in Greek. For exchange students, English literature is proposed and examinations are given in English.

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