Landscape Ecology

(Course Code: 126KEY, Course outline)

Semester: 6 Teaching Credits:  4 ECTS Credits: 5 Type:

Optional Compulsory

Prerequisite Courses:  – Course type: Skills development


Instructor: Ioannis Matsinos

The course provides an introduction to Landscape Ecology and its applications.  The course objectives are:

1.Understanding and use of basic notions and terms in landscape ecology and the necessity of its use

2.Familiriazing with the basic methodology of spatial and landscape analysis and categorizing main spatial patterns

3.Getting to know the integrated process through presentation of complete case studies

4.Development from students of a complete decision making platform for managing ecological spatial problems through the synergies with socioeconomic factors

For the best use of theoretical tools examples with the use of software Ramas GIS for landscape analysis and management and FRAGSTATS for spatial analysis are given

Topics per Week:
  • Landscape and landscape ecology; basic notions and definitions
  • Spatial heterogeneity and ecological patterns
  • The notions of hierarchy and scale in ecology
  • Landscape Connectivity – the role of ecotones and corridors
  • Introduction to modeling; models for dynamic landscapes
  • Basic quantitative analysis of ecological disturbances
  • Pattern analysis; methods and applications
  • Interaction of urban and natural landscapes; applications
  • Baasic metrics in landscape analysis (examples with the use of NDVI))
  • Biodiversity conservation and landscape menagement
  • Introduction to FRAGSTATS
  • Socioeconomic applications in spatial planning
  • Applications to environmental planning
  • Global change and landscapes; tools for prediction
Theory – Lectures
(hours / week)
Exercises – Laboratories
(hours / week)
Other Activities:  –
Grading: Course evaluation through final exam (40%) laboratory assignments (30%) and project (30%)
Notes: Available at server
Basic Textbook:
  • Landscape Ecology, M.G. Turner, Springer Verlag New York 2004
  • Bissonette, J. A. (ed). 1997. Wildlife and Landscape Ecology: Effects of Pattern and Scale. 1st edition. Springer, New York.
  • Dramstad, W. E., J. D. Olson and R. T. T. Forman. 1996. Landscape Ecology Principles in Landscape Architecture and Land-Use Planning. Harvard University Graduate School of Design/Island Press, Cambridge.
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  • Wiens, J., and M. Moss (eds). 2005. Issues and Perspectives in Landscape Ecology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

The course is taught in Greek. For exchange students, English literature is proposed and examinations are given in English.

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