Organic Chemistry

(Course Code: 239Υ, Course outline)

Semester:  3 Teaching Credits:  3 ECTS Credits: 4 Type:


Prerequisite Courses: Course type: General background Instructor:
  • Provide a basic understanding of organic chemicals.
  • Write condensed structures of organic molecules.
  • Determine which structures represent different or similarmolecules.
  • Determine and name and structure of organic compounds.
  • Classify molecules as alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alcohols, ethers, ketones, esters, carboxylic acids, amines, aldehydes or aromatic compounds and state their properties.
Topics per Week:
  1. Introduction to Organic Chemistry
  2. Chemical structures and bonds
  3. Organic reactions-nomenclature
  4. Saturated hydrocarbons
  5. Unsaturated hydrocarbons
  6. Aromatic hydrocarbons
  7. Haloalkanes, alcohols, ethers
  8. Carbonyl compounds
  9. Carbonyl compounds
  10. Stereochemistry
  11. Structure determination
  12. Biomolecules
  13. Seminar
Theory – Lectures
(hours / week)
Exercises – Laboratories
(hours / week)
Other Activities:  –
Grading: Written final year exam in June and September
Notes: No
Basic Textbook:
  • McMurry (2011). Organic Chemistry. 8th edition. Cengage Learning

  • Wade LG (2011). Organic Chemistry. 8th edition. Prentice Hall


Greek. For exchange students, English literature is proposed and examinations are given in English.

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