Undergraduate Studies

Educational Laboratories

The Department of Environment hosts a number laboratory facilities for undergraduate experimental training and research. The available educational laboratories include computer science, chemistry, biology and soil science. Also, the Department maintains a meteorological station.

The Department has two computer science laboratories, the Main Computer Room and the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) laboratory, totaling forty six (46) working stations (18 in the main computer room and 28 in the GIS laboratory). Students may use both labs for personal purposes or for completing assignments in relevant courses. In addition, both labs are used for lectures and seminars concerning the use of hardware and software as well as other courses. All students are provided with a personal access code allowing them to access the Internet and correspond through e-mails. 

Laboratories are open every day from 9:00 until 21:00, except weekends. The laboratories’ personnel are responsible for proper operation procedures and for helping students with their questions and problems.

The Chemistry Laboratory has thirty (30) working stations for performing chemical analyses as part of undergraduate laboratory courses.

The laboratory’s instrumentation include:

  • Apparatus for COD analyses

  • Constant temperature incubator for BOD analyses

  • Apparatus for total nitrogen analyses (Kjehldahl  method)

  • Spectrophotometer

  • Florescent spectrophotometer

  • Apparatus for suspended solids analyses

  • Field instruments for pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity determinations

The Biology Laboratory has thirty two (32) working stations and is primarily used for experimental assignments in the courses offered by the Department’s Ecosystems Management sector.

The laboratory’s instruments include:

  • Optical microscopes

  • Stereoscopes

  • Spectrophotometer

  • Incubation chamber

  • Constant conditions chamber

  • Field instruments for determination of environmental parameters

The Soil Science Laboratory is equipped with all necessary instruments for the training of both undergraduate and graduate students in courses such as soil science and agro-ecosystem management.

The laboratory’s instruments include:

  • Kjehldahl apparatus for total nitrogen determination

  • Field instruments for determination of environmental parameters

  • Vortex mixer

  • Mixers

  • Soil moisture sampler

  • Undisturbed soil sampler

  • Disturbed soil sampler

  • Hot plates

  • Stirring Hot Plates

  • Soil moisture analyzer

  • Humidity analyzers

  • Hach spectrophotometer

  • Flame spectrophotometer

  • Hach portable soil analyses kit

The Meteorological Station is situated on the roof of the Xenia A building and is equipped with instruments measuring total solar radiation on three levels, diffuse solar radiation, humidity and wind speed and direction.