MESPOM conference in Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Starting in 2008, the Department of Environment had been hosting a national Conference in Environmental Policy and Management. Beginning in 2019, this academic venue turned international, and is now organized in the context of MESPOM, an Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management operated by four leading European Universities (including the University of the Aegean) with support from two Universities in the USA and Canada and 18 partners around the world.

In this page you may find the current conference’s Call for Papers as well as the proceedings of past conferences.

2019 Conference

MESPOM Conference in
Environmental Science, Policy & Management

Mytilene, Lesvos island, Greece, June 01, 2019

Paper presentations may address any aspect of environmental Science, Policy and/or Management, and the Conference’s Academic Committee particularly welcomes and encourages submissions from junior academics (M.Sc. holders and early-Ph.D. students), ideally originating from their post-graduate research, as well as from established researchers.


You may download the Conference’s programme from here 


Deadline for Abstract Submissions: April 30, 2019

Download the  2019 Conference’s Abstract Submission Form

The Conference has no registration-fee and its working language is English. At the discretion of the Conference’s Academic Committee, particularly innovative/outstanding presentations will be invited to be submitted as full papers to the Aegean Journal of Environmental Sciences (AEJES) to be considered for publication (following standard peer-review). For further information you may contact Dr. Iosif Botetzagias (Local Coordinator).

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