NEW PUBLICATION – Kalantzis et al. – Biogas production from agro-industrial wastewater

Kalantzis D., Daskaloudis I., Lacoere T., Stasinakis A.S., Lekkas D.F., De Vrieze J. & Fountoulakis M.S. (2023), Granular activated carbon stimulates biogas production in pilot-scale anaerobic digester treating agro-industrial wastewater, Bioresource Technology, 376, 128908 Abstract This work examines the continuous addition (5 g/L) of conductive granular activated carbon (GAC) in an integrated pilot-scale unit containing an anaerobic […]

NEW PUBLICATION – Arvaniti…, Fountoulakis & Stasinakis- Occurrence of contaminants in hospital wastewater

Arvaniti O.S., Gkotsis G., M.C. Nika, Gyparakis S., Manios T., Thomaidis N.S., Fountoulakis M.S., Stasinakis A.S. (2023) Study on the occurrence of artificial sweeteners, parabens, and other emerging contaminants in hospital wastewater using LC-QToF-MS target screening approach. Water 15, 936 ABSTRACT The presence of 220 emerging contaminants belonging to different classes (artificial sweeteners, personal care […]

New distinction for the Uni of Aegean- and the Department of Environment

According to the latest Global Universities’ research ranking (2021 data), the University of the Aegean ranks 1st in Greece (424th in the world) in the discipline of ‘Ecology and Evolution’. It also ranks 7th in Greece (404th in the world) in the discipline of ‘Environmental Sciences’.

INFOGRAPHIC: Our research output (2021 data)

INFOGRAPHIC: Vital statistics of the Department of Environment’s research output (2021 data)  

Pilot project on Lesvos -ZeroPM Horizon 2020 project

ZeroPM is a research project funded by H2020. ZeroPM will target groups of PFAS, and PMT/vPvM substances. Read more here

University of the Aegean ranks 743 out of 3,897 Universities globally

According to the latest (2020) SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR)  the University of the Aegean is overall ranked: 14th among 22 Greek Universities 332nd among 823 EU-28 Universities 743rd among 3.897 Universities across the world Read more here Semper Altius Aspice!