NEW PUBLICATION – Tsaligopoulos et al. – Quietness in the Urban Environment

Tsaligopoulos A, Kyvelou S, Votsi N-E, Karapostoli A, Economou C, Matsinos YG. (2021) Revisiting the Concept of Quietness in the Urban Environment—Towards Ecosystems’ Health and Human Well-Being. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 18(6):3151. ABSTRACT There is plenty of proof that environmental noise is a major pollutant in the urban environment. Several […]

University of the Aegean ranks 743 out of 3,897 Universities globally

According to the latest (2020) SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR)  the University of the Aegean is overall ranked: 14th among 22 Greek Universities 332nd among 823 EU-28 Universities 743rd among 3.897 Universities across the world Read more here Semper Altius Aspice!