ΝΕΑ ΔΗΜΟΣΙΕΥΣΗ- Gatidou et al – Ecotoxicity and biodegradation of the TSCA

Gatidou G., Chatzopoulos P., Chhetri R.K., Kokkoli A., Giannakopoulos A., Andersen H.R. & Stasinakis, A.S. (2021) Ecotoxicity and biodegradation of the bacteriostatic 3,3′,4′,5-tetrachlorosalicylanilide (TSCA) compared to the structurally similar bactericide. Science of the Total Environment, 769, 144960.   Highlights •Ecotoxicity and biodegradation of TCSA and triclosan were compared. •TSCA toxicity decreased from Daphnia > Vibrio > Lemna > Activated sludge. •Highest toxicity of TSCA […]

University of the Aegean ranks 743 out of 3,897 Universities globally

According to the latest (2020) SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR)  the University of the Aegean is overall ranked: 14th among 22 Greek Universities 332nd among 823 EU-28 Universities 743rd among 3.897 Universities across the world Read more here Semper Altius Aspice!