NEW PUBLICATION – Moreira… Dimitrakopoulos et al – Priority questions for biodiversity conservation in the Mediterranean

Moreira F., .. Dimitrakopoulos P.G. et al. (2019) Priority questions for biodiversity conservation in the Mediterranean biome: Heterogeneous perspectives across continents and stakeholders, Conservation Science & Practice, 1(11), ABSTRACT The identification of research questions with high relevance for biodiversity conservation is an important step towards designing more effective policies and management actions, and to better allocate […]

NEW PUBLICATION – Kontos & Katikas – Delimiting Future Urban Sprawl Boundaries Using a GIS-based Model for Mytilene, Greece

Κontos Th. & Katikas L. (2019) Delimiting Future Urban Sprawl Boundaries Using a GIS-based Model for Ecological Sensitivity Index Assessment and Optimization Techniques. The case of Mytilene (Lesvos Island, Greece). European Journal of Sustainable Development Research, 3(1), Article No: em0074. ABSTRACT Delimiting urban sprawl boundaries have been generally regarded as a regulatory policy measure to control chaotic […]

NEW PUBLICATION – Gatidou et al – Biodegradability assessment of food additives

Gatidou G., Vazaiou N., Thomaidis N.S. & Stasinakis A.S. (2020) Biodegradability assessment of food additives using OECD 301F respirometric test. Chemosphere, 20:125071 HIGHLIGHTS  Ready biodegradability of 20 food additives was studied using respirometric tests. Nine compounds were characterized readily biodegradable according to the protocol. Six were biodegraded at <60%; no biodegradation was noticed for most food colorants. Half-life […]

The University of the Aegean amongst the Top-1000 Universities worldwide for 2019 for Physical Sciences

According to the Times “Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject” for 2019, the University of the Aegean secures place 501-600 (out of 963 universities) for “Physical Sciences” (including mathematics and statistics; physics and astronomy; chemistry; geology; and environmental, earth and marine sciences subjects). Find out more here

The University of the Aegean enters the top 1,000 Universities around the world

The University of the Aegean makes its maiden appereance to the prestigious THE (Times Higher Education) «World University Rankings» list, consisting of the TOP 1,000 Universities in the world! See more here Semper Altius Aspice!