I teach the undergraduate courses of Environmnetal Law, Environmental Sociology, Environmental Politics & Environmental History at the Department of Environment. I also teach environmental politics and policy course at the Department’s postgraduate courses as well as at the  M.Sc in  Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management, MESPOM (Central European University (CEU), Hungary).

I have supervised tenths of undergraduate and postgraduate theses, and a couple of them have led to scientific publications (see below). I am interested in suprvising research on topics pertaining to Environmental Politics, Policy, Sociology and History. If you wish to undertake such a research I would be glad to discuss your idea with you.

Theses supervision

Dimitrios KANTEMNIDIS, Environmental Security and the European Union

George KOSTOPOULOS, Forest protection and management from Greek Independence (1828) till the establishment of the first National Forest Reserve (1938)

Dimitra SYROU, Environmental Governance through Collaborative Management Institutions: an Analysis of the role of NGO’s in the Greek Protected Areas’ Management Bodies

All these publications stem from the research undertaken by the students I have (co-) supervised: