The Erasmus+ experience

Björn Becker
Winter semester 2018/2019 – Spring semester 2019
Department of Geography, Kiel University, Germany

Interesting courses and methods I could attend and participate at the Department of Environment and Geography (Special Topics in Environmental Engineering and Science, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing) [..] Mytilene is a unique and interesting town, due to its geographic location close to Turkey . It is small, but has everything it needs”


Alexandra Herpich
Autumn 2018
Department of Civil Engineering, HTWK Leipzig, Germany

“I had a really good time at the university! Everyone was really nice and welcoming. It was a good working atmosphere. I did an internship at the lab and felt really included in the working processes and liked the tasks I got a lot. I had a master student as a mentor, who taught me many things, and with whom I really liked to co-work, and also the Professor was always supporting and helped me a lot”.

Melanie Rixen
October 2016 – February 2017
Department of Geography, Kiel University, Germany

«The professors are really friendly and helpful. It is nice to meet the same students again at different places around university and around town. The courses I choose before arriving on Lesvos, had not been offered during the semester I stayed, but the Department was very cooperative to find other possible options, which I was happy with».