Ph.D. Candidates

If you are interested in pursuing Ph.D. research with the Department of Environment, as a first step you should contact directly the member(s) of staff you would like to have as your supervisor(s).

Upon agreeing with your potential supervisor, you may apply for the Ph.D. course. For the full, formal requirements for non-Greek nationals wishing to pursue doctoral studies, please check here. In a nutshell, the application procedure includes (not withstanding any other legal requirements described here in detail)

This requires the submission of the following:

  • An extended Application letter, which contains the Ph.D.’s research outline (find here)
  • Transcripts of your undergraduate and/or postgraduate degrees
  • A full CV
  • A copy of your ID card/passport

The above must be submitted via both email and post to:

Department of Environment, University of the Aegean,
University Hill, 81100 Mytilene, GREECE

The Ph.D. courses in the Department of Environment last a minimum of three calendar years. They have no fees  yet you may be required to successfully conclude a number of post-graduate level courses during the first year of your Ph.D. studies.
Conferment of a Ph.D. degree is dependent upon the successful defense of the Ph.D. thesis and the publication of at least one research paper based on the student’s Ph.D. research.

For any further information, please email the Department’s Secretariat.

Current Ph.D. students

Ph.D. candidate Supervisor Ph.D. topic
Kalliopi Vretzou  D.F. Lekkas
Spyridon Giannakopoulos A. Skouloudis Evaluating the implementation of circular economy practices in the primary sector of Lesvos
Ioannis DASKOULIDIS D.F. Lekkas
Stylianos ZANNETOS T. Akriotis Spatial distribution and ecology of small mammals on the island of Lesvos
Ioannis ZEVGOLIS LA. Troumbis Ecological restoration and climate change
Eleftherios KAKALIS T. Akriotis Habitat influence on population regulation of a rare species: the case of the Kruper’s Nuthatch in Lesvos
Anna-Argiro KANELLI O.-I. Kalantzi

Green and blue spaces – implications for mental health and well being

Dimitrios KANTEMNIDES I. Botetzagias Environmental Security and the European Union
Marios-Bruno Korras-Caraca C. Matsoukas The  effect of atmospheric particles on the climate radiation budget  from in situ and satellite measurements
Alexandros Kotzapetros A. Stasinakis Use of artificial intelligence for the  automatic control of activated sludge process in wastewater treatment
Olga Koutsou A. Stasinakis Estimation of N2O emissions during domestic wastewater treatment
Dimitrios Kyrkas P. Dimitrakopoulos Development of a cultivation system using Ni-hyperaccumulating plant species in serpentine soils.
George Kostopoulos I. Botetzagias Forest protection and management from the establishment of Greek State (1828) to the establishment of the first national park (1938)
Konstantinos Mammas  D.F. Lekkas Analysis and Development of Transfer Learning Approaches on Environmental Time Series
George Margaritis I. Matsinos
Kaliopi Marini C. Skanavis Environmental Sensitivity and Self Awareness
Angelliki Mitropoulou I. Spilanis The role of branding in the sustainable development of islands
Andreas Moursellas K. Evangelinos Measuring Sustainable Performance of SMEs
Constantinos Mpantounas D.Haralambopoulos Development of a software platform for bio-climatic design to tackle the problem of urban heat island.
Ioannis Nezis O.-I. Kalantzi Determination of indoor air quality in microenvironments and its impact on human health
N. Papastefanakis M. Fountoulakis Biogas production from organic residues by combining solar drying with anaerobic co-digestion
Valentina Plaka C. Skanavis Models to Orient Students to New Skills in order to actively participate in Environmental Decision Making
Maria Polatidou P. Gaganis Surface water and groundwater nutrient dynamics in an eastern Mediterranean watershed
Elefterios – Dimitrios Rouvelas I. Matsinos The effect of scales οn the dynamic of spatially defined metapopulations. Predictions of a stochastic model
Christodoulos Sazeides N. Fyllas Carbon flux quantification in forests and shrublands
Anna Samothraki K. Evangelinos Integration of Migrants and the Role of Corporate Social Responsibility
Maria Seleventi C. Skanavis Air Pollution Impact Study on Human Health and Awareness through a National Environmental Campaign
Vasilios Stathopoulos C. Matsoukas Localization and characterization of atmospheric particle sources and effects, using computational tools
Dimitra Syrou I. Botetzagias Environmental Governance through Collaborative Management Institutions: an Analysis of the role of NGO’s in the Greek Protected Areas’ Management Bodies
Vassilis Tachos P. Dimitrakopoulos Ecological quality/integrity of rivers in Greece: Development and validation of multimetric bioassessment indices, using fish assemblages
Ageglos Tsaligopoulos I. Matsinos Assessing the High Acoustic and Ecological Value of Urban Quiet Areas