Remote Sensing Laboratory

The Laboratory of Remote Sensing and GIS provides support to the undergraduate and postgraduate program of studies at the Department of the Environment of the University of the Aegean. The effort is to create an environment, where faculty, staff and students work together to promote knowledge on the application of geospatial technologies to environmental applications. Analytically the Laboratory provides support as follows:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the latest developments concerning topographic mapping, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), GPS, Photogrammetry with UAS, cartography, and new technologies, LIDAR, IFSAR UAS, for environmental applications.
  • Transfer of knowledge to undergraduates and graduate students of the Department of the Environment and to other Departments of the University, the local community, local and national public-sector bodies, and private organizations, through education at University venues and by distance learning education.
  • Research that focuses on environmental applications and publication of results.
  • Creation of digital geospatial data that is available via the Internet to anyone interested.

Historically, the Laboratory created by Professor John N. Hatzopoulos in 1989 as soon as he took office at the University of the Aegean and was the first application of the University of the Aegean, which was submitted to the Ministry of Education for establishing this Lab approved in 1995 (FEK 76, 20-4-1995).

More information about Remote Sensing Lab can be found here!

Lab Director: Professor John N. Hatzopoulos


Andrniki Karasmanoglou – Hatzopoulou, Instructor on Environmental Drawing
Evaggelos Papapanagiotou, Ph. D., Post doctoral researcher
Themistoklis Kontos, Ph. D., Instructor, Post doctoral researcher
Christos Vasilakos, Ph. D., Post doctoral researcher
Athina Santorinaiou, Ph. D., Post doctoral researcher
Dimitrios Paronis, Ph.D. Post doctoral researcher
Pavlos Christakopoulos, Ph. D., Post doctoral researcher
Agathos Filintas, Ph. D., Post doctoral researcher
Evaggelia Bouranda, Ph.D. candidate
Olga Retsilidou, Ph.D. candidate
Dimitrios Stefanakis, Ph.D. candidate
Fokion Evaggelou, Lab secretary

Ph.D. degrees worked out at the Laboratory

Dimitra Kitsiou,1998, (supervisor Prof. Karydis)
Dimitrios Gazis, 1999 (supervisor Prof. Hatzopoulos)
Evaggelos Papapanagiotou 2000 (supervisor Prof. Hatzopoulos)
Konstantinos Dimitriou 2002 (supervisor Prof. Kokkosis)
Fratzis Chatzichristofas, 2005 (supervisor Prof. Karydis)
Vasilakos Xristos, 2007 (supervisor Prof. Hatzopoulos)
Santorinaiou Athina, 2008 (supervisor Prof. Hatzopoulos)
Dimitrios Paronis, 2008 (supervisor Prof. Hatzopoulos)
Pavlos Christakopoulos, 2010, (supervisor Prof. Hatzopoulos)
Agathos Filintas, 2011, (supervisor Prof. Hatzopoulos)

The laboratory is equipped with latest technology equipment of computers and software and includes a large number of systems in MS-Windows and Unix workstations. Among the software include:

Erdas Imagine (10-licenses),
ArcGis (25-licenses).
Geomedia (11-licenses)
IDRISI – 32 (11-licenses)
Visual Studio (11-licenses)
Photomodeler (1-license)
Autocad (1-license)

Other laboratory equipment include:

Classic equipment for Photogrammetry and photointerpretation.
Radiometer with three channels of SPOT (green, red, near infrared).
The system of digital Photogrammetry of Intergraph with all software for remote sensing and GIS.
Surveying systems with compasses
Surveying System of a total station
Several handheld GPS.
Three small digital cameras with high resolution
Two SLR digital cameras Nikon D-90
digital video machine in thermal infrared
Five PC-Computers for research in theses and master’s and doctoral disertations.
Scanner for maps

2015-Today: Participates in the program of updating Alumni Knowledge (PEGA) “Geoinformation”, Principal investigator M. Baitis and has developed material and offers the following online course topic: “A geographical information Collection/positioning system (GPS)”

2015- Today: Participates in the program of updating Alumni Knowledge (PEGA) “ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT – MODERN TOOLS”, Principal investigator D. Haralambopoulos and has developed material and offers the following online course topic: 2.6. IP 6: GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS

2014- Today: Participate in OPEN ACADEMIC COURSES: Building a digital course repository for use by students of other Departments and from the wider community. Principal investigator I. Matsinos. Has developed videotaped lectures and complete material on the following courses:

  1. Introduction to Topographic mapping and GIS
  2. Introduction to Remote Sensing
  3. Environmental Applications of GIS

2013-present: Partner in the Excellency program “AEGIS: Informatics System to prevent and Manage Forest Fires” Principal investigator K. Kalabokidis.

2011- present: Partner in the Thalis program GreTIA «GREEN TRANSPORT IN THE ISLAND AREAS» Principal investigator Amalia Polydoropoulou, Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport.

2011- present: Partner in the Thalis program ISLA «LEVEL CHANGES ON THE ISLAND BEACHES OF THE AEGEAN ACHIPELAGO» Principal investigator Andonis Velegrakis, Department of Marine Scienses.

2009 – present : Principal investigator, “Prototype Land Planning of Drymalias Municipality Territory to reveal and protect its physiognomy”, Municipality of Drymalia Naxos. Budget: 235000 Euros.

2006 – 2009 Partner #11, Interreg III B Archimed: Νew forms of territorial governance for the promotion of landscape policies in the field of water resources management at water territories NetWet   3   Project.

2005- 2007: Partner in the program: Euromed Heritage “Defence Systems on the Mediterranean Coasts” (DSMC), project financed by European Union and it is part of an effort of scientific research on the preservation of the cultural heritage in the countries of the Mediterranean Basin.

2005 – 2007: Principal investigator of the project: Development of a model for decision support of spatial urban planning using GIS, multi criteria evaluation and cellular automata. This project is supported by the University of the Aegean Research Committee.

2005 – 2010 Principal investigator of the project: Integrated planning for safe use of urban liquid and sediment wastes for agriculture with the aim of remote sensing and Gis. This project is supported by the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology (PENED – 03ΕΔ 60) and by the municipality of Messologi Greece with an initial budget of about 60000 Euros.

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