Aegean Journal of Environmental Sciences (AEJES)

The first issue of the AEgean Journal of Environmental Sciences (AEJES) is now available (Aejes Vol 1 – 2015)


Articles in press

Matsinos Y. et al., The interdisciplinary Development of the Term “Soundscape”; Tracing its Ecological Roots


  • Even though “soundscape” is an inherently ecological term, it stimulated research in several other disciplines
  • We analyze about 3.200 publications from 1969 to 2011, incorporate in their title the term “soundscape”
  • “Soundscapes” inspired more publications in the fields of social and computer sciences than in ecological science

Gounaridis D. et al., Change detection of forests and semi-natural areas in Greece for the period 1990-2010


  • This study is able to detect and quantify changes in forests and semi-natural areas of Greece
  • The 1990 and 2000 CORINE’s and a newly developed land cover dataset for 2010 were employed
  • Scale compatibility of the datasets was achieved using resampling and moving window filter methods
  • Results reveal a slight decrease of forests and an increase of scrublands during a 20 year period